How important is it to have your own kitchen garden ?

Vegetables are at the heart of our diet, and where they come from can affect our health in the short or long term. That's why we need to control most of the ingredients that go into our food. Having your own kitchen garden means you can eat healthy vegetables with a high nutritional value. This guide explains the benefits of growing your own vegetables.

Promoting originality and heritage

You can showcase your creativity by opting to grow heritage or lesser-known varieties of vegetables. Click on to find out more about the gardening tools you need to grow them successfully. You can grow vegetables such as :

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  • Savignac tomatoes ;
  • arrowroot: a good substitute for spinach. It's very easy to grow;
  • Chioggia beetroot: red and white rings;
  • Cylindra beetroot: similar in shape to the carrot, etc.

These heritage vegetables will give your kitchen garden that special touch. You can order most of our seeds online.

The chance to eat fresh food

In the past, only large areas were dedicated to growing vegetables in the fields. But these days, you can garden anywhere with a vegetable plot (on your balcony, on your terrace, in your garden, etc.). So you can create a little vegetable patch in your city courtyard for the well-being of your family.

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By growing your own vegetables and eating them according to your needs, you benefit from fresh food that retains its nutritional content (vitamins, minerals, etc.). The vegetables picked in your garden are not altered in any way and go straight into your kitchen.

Strengthening social and community ties

Having a vegetable garden can encourage sharing and exchange with the local community. Growing a vegetable garden can create valuable links with those around us. This can be done by offering surplus crops to neighbours or by taking part in garden-sharing schemes. This fosters a sense of solidarity and strengthens social ties within the community.

Sharing the pleasure of gardening with children

When you grow your own vegetables, watch them grow and present them at the table after harvest, it's a real pleasure. It's also a pleasure that you can share with your children, if they so wish. In this way, they can be introduced to a varied and healthy diet.

However, to allow children to feel involved in growing vegetables, you can create a small personal space where they can plant freely. Try to give preference to vegetables that grow quickly, such as radishes, lettuces, etc. They'll enjoy it more because they'll soon see the fruits of their labour.

Maintaining mental and physical health

By growing your own vegetables at home, you'll be able to eat quality produce. Gardening is also good for your health, as it puts your muscles and joints to work. But it's important to follow certain recommendations when it comes to carrying loads and handling tools.  Mentally, staying in harmony with nature for several hours is a highly beneficial mediation.

In short, having your own vegetable garden is more than just producing food. It's an act that nourishes the body, the mind and the community as a whole. By growing a vegetable garden, we take care of our health, our environment and our relationships with others.

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